Wednesday 10 April 2024

Democracy's flaws: Speciesism: Democracy 0 – Biocracy 2


One of democracy's fatal flaws is its speciesism.


As we saw in our thought experiment on the Sea-People’s Citizen Assembly Scenario, democracy can work perfectly well yet still deliver genocide, ecocide and other undesirable ends.

Illustration of sketchy Tree of Life with animal and plant and a fungi emojis lining its branches, with a small groups of humans with emoji faces gnawing its roots.
Humans gnawing on the roots of the Tree of Life


This is due to an essential flaw in democracy, that as a political system it only takes account of the expressed views (or will) of humans, or a subgroup of humans. This is not a flaw of biocracy, a political system which opposes the speciesist orientation.

More flaws of democracy will be explored later.

Democracy's flaws: Speciesism: Democracy 0 – Biocracy 2 by Sleeping Dog is licensed under CC BY 4.0